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Guerrilla Gardening, A Manualfesto by Pierre-Emmanuel Weck
octobre 21, 2009, 3:24
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gugGuerrilla Gardening, A Manualfesto, By David Tracey

The term « guerrilla » may bring to mind a small band of armed soldiers, moving in the dead of night on a stealth mission. In the case of guerrilla gardening, the soldiers are planters, the weapons are shovels, and the mission is to transform an abandoned lot into a thing of beauty. Once an environmentalist’s nonviolent direct action for inner-city renewal, this approach to urban beautification is spreading to all types of people in cities around the world.

These modern-day Johnny Appleseeds perform random acts of gardening, often without the property owner’s prior knowledge or permission. Typical targets are vacant lots, railway land, underused public squares, and back alleys. The concept is simple, whimsical and has the cheeky appeal of being a not-quite-legal call to action. Dig in some soil, plant a few seeds, or mend a sagging fence — one good deed inspiring another, with win-win results all around.

Guerrilla Gardening outlines the power-to-the-people campaign for greening our cities. Tips for effective involvement include:

* finding plants and seeds cheap (or free)
* handling city officials
* getting the dirt on soil
* planting to bring back the birds
* knowing when to ask permission and when to seek forgiveness

Social activists, city dwellers and long-time gardeners will delight in this fast-paced and funny call to arms.
About the Contributor(s)
David Tracey is a journalist and environmental designer who operates EcoUrbanist in Vancouver. He is Executive Director of Tree City Canada, a non-profit ecological engagement group.

Paperback – 240 pages
Width: 7.5 Inches x Height: 9 Inches
Weight: 460 Grams
Publisher: New Society Publishers
ISBN: 9780865715837
Pub. Date: 2007-04-01